Do you experience problems with over-weight luggage?

You experience problem with over weigh carry-on luggage? We offer comprehensive door to door delivery services for overseas student, private (non carry-on luggage), immigration and furniture.

Taiwan Express can provide you with empty boxes for you to package your cloth, book and other personal belongings, special packages or wooden boxes are available for large pieces such as furniture, couches, wardrobe and pianos (includes importing and exporting of second hand cars and motorcycle). We can also arrange time for ocean and air freight and deliver to the destination of your choice. Our overseas staff will handle the clearance for you and ensure it is delivered to your destination.

Documents required
Copy of passport (showing the photo and birth date)
Copy of identity document (front and back)
Foreign national must provide copy of permanent resident (front and back)
Copy of VISA
Air ticket or proof thereof
1 Stamp
Inventory of the goods
Estimated value of the goods
Address, contact person and telephone of destination
Copy of passport (A – the page showing photo and date of birth and B. Page showing most recent entry)
Copy of identity document (front and back)
Foreigners please provide copies of permanent resident or work permit
Air ticket or proof thereof
1 Stamp
(packing list) Inventory of the goods
Estimated value of the goods
Address and contact number in Taiwan or friends in Taiwan
Please keep your receipt if you bought new goods


  • If you need to deliver unaccompanied baggage to Taiwan, for the purposes of custom clearance, upon arrival of these luggage, please complete “Republic of China Customs Declaration” form, fill in the number of personal luggage and purpose and move through the immigration through the  “red line counter”

  • Unaccompanied baggage must be declared within 15 days after the arrival of the cargo, failing which penalty of NT$200 will be levied for each day of delay. If the goods are not claimed within 20 days after the declaration, it will be auctioned. The proceeds of the auction will be retained by the customs after deducting all expenses. Tax payer may re-claim the proceeds by presenting bill of lading and relevant documents within 5 years, failing which all proceeds will be confiscated.

  • Unaccompanied private baggage means all goods belong to the owner of the luggage, second-hand goods and are not used for any commercial purposes. If the customs officially discover any new goods, such as vitamin or luxury bags, relevant duties will be levied according to the quantity and value (valuation will be done by the customs so we are unable to inform the duties beforehand).

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